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Alginate gelSkin woundsSodium alginateTechShareDay-d3w1Tissue regeneration


The invention consists of a sodium alginate gel for the advanced dressing of skin wounds of various shapes, in order to promote / accelerate the normal repair process.

Technical features

The invention is a particular advanced dressing consisting of a low viscosity sodium alginate gel to be applied on various forms of skin wounds (ulcerations of various kinds) in order to promote / accelerate the normal repair process. The product is able to simultaneously correct all or almost all the negative local aspects, at the basis of insufficient tissue regeneration (dehydration, acidosis, superinfections, low supply of nutrients). In short, this is a complete medium for cell culture, with a high amino acid content which, being in the form of a gel, allows for an “in situ culture of the wound” and is able to adapt to any type of loss of substance. It is an advanced dressing that can be customized and potentially implemented at various levels through chemical and / or biological factors, up to the implantation of cells.

Possible Applications

  • Advanced dressings for ulcers / wounds of various etiology.


  • Multifactorial correction of the criticalities of a wound;
  • Flexibility and application specificity;
  • Possession of a complete panel of nutrients and cellular trophic elements;
  • Significant development potential through coupling with biomaterials and /or with other products.