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Gel for mucosal regeneration

aloe enemaCustomizable gelinflammation treatmentpectinPectin and aloe enematopical gel


Gel with adjustable and homogeneous mechanical properties, suitable as an enema for the release of trophic factors capable of locally regenerating the rectal mucosa. Within the 100% natural gel matrix it is possible to insert various additives. The optimization of the mix of these additives allows for an enhanced final regenerating effect compared to that of the individual added components.

Technical features

The high control over the final mechanical properties makes the gel applicable as an enema with the advantage of releasing additives locally at the application site. The gel formulation includes aloe vera, as a natural solvent in which to dissolve the cross-linking polymer, and pectin, which is used as a natural gelling agent. This highly customisable gel allows the insertion of additives into the hydrogel matrix in any desired and potentially patient-specific concentration.The technology has a TRL 3.

Possible Applications

  • Local treatment of inflammatory states of the mucous membranes;
  • Treatment for mucosal ulcers.


  • The homogeneous gel formed by pectin guarantees injectability and stability in loco;
  • The pectin-aloe combination is synergic;
  • The gel mechanical properties and in composition can be tuned accordingly to the necessities;
  • The gel hosts innovative components as additives, such as tindalized bacteria;
  • Trophic anti-inflammatory, probiotic, post-biotic and immunoregulatory agents have enhanced effects.