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Gel emoderivated comprising platelets, fibrin and leukocytes

Bone scaffoldBone substituteHemocomponentsPeripheral bloodPlatelets


Cell Bone Conjugate (CBC) is an innovative natural biomaterial consisting of an hemoconcentrate and heterologous bone substitute. The hemoconcentrate is obtained through peripheral blood centrifugation; bone substitute is then added to this product by centrifugation at controlled speeds and temperatures. Bone substitute addition provides the final product (CBC) with a path for cell proliferation and tissue rebuilding, as well as features of rigidity and osteoconductivity.

Technical features

CBC is a gel consisting of hemocomponents and a particulate bone substitute used in the treatment of: (i) post-dental extraction for socket preservation techniques, (ii) filling of bone defects originatedby trauma or enucleation of osteolytic lesions and in the correction of horizontal and/or vertical bone defects, (iii) scaffolds for GBR (Guided bone regeneration) techniques. This natural biomaterial, obtained through peripheral blood centrifugation, allows to get a fibrin net with a physiological molecular structure,very elastic, which results to be an excellentmatrix for the leukocytes (monocytes in particular), platelets and bone substitute. CBC use is aimed tothe regeneration of bone tissuemerging the advantages of both traditional hemocomponentsand the use of  bone substitutes. The product shows an excellent plasticity (a feature that allows an easy manipulation and adaptability in different areas, eventually covering and protecting them) and a good stability in the receiving site, allowing to avoid the use of membranes.

Possible Applications

  • Medicine;
  • Odontostomatology.


  • The hemocomponents are derived exclusively from an autologous source;
  • The use of organic solvents,which could be harmful for the body, is not required;
  • The calcium gluconate, employedin the procedure to obtain the CBC, is approved by Regulatory Agencies for clinical use;
  • Excellent plasticity and good stabilityin the receiving anatomical region;
  • Adaptability to different body areas;
  • Method is standardized and equipment employed works with a high level of accuracy.