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Gear dynamic transmission analysis

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Analytical software for the static transmission error and dynamic behaviour evaluation in gearboxes. It suggests the best gear profiles for specific load conditions or during an advanced stage of design it checks the gear geometries. It is necessary for designing silent, safe and efficient gearboxes.

Technical features

Starting from a limited range of geometric parameters of the gearbox, the software calculates the tooth deformations during the engagement and the static transmission error which is the main source of noise, vibration and harshness. The code implements an algorithm to detect the effective contact position after the teeth mating due to load. The proposed technology refers to a preliminary design phase, through its flexibility it is possible to obtain the best geometry for a specific load condition. The target is to fill an existent  lack in the gearbox concept phase reducing time and costs; this means to find a starting design solution that could be afterwards optionally verified using a FEM analysis.

Possible Applications

  • Aerospace;
  • Aeolic;
  • Automotive and Railway;
  • Precision gearboxes;
  • Robotic;
  • Marine;
  • Electric generator.


  • Processing speed and accuracy;
  • Useful in the preliminary design and test phase;
  • Suggests optimal design;
  • Integration with Matlab;
  • Dynamic analysis during the initial design phase;
  • Flexible and strong.