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Gas separation process and plant

Alternating potentialCapacitive membranesGas separationPartial pressureSeparazione di gas


A new process for the separation of components in gaseous stream, to be applied in the gas purification or in the capture of specific components in gas streams.

Technical features

The invention consists of a process and a plant allowing for an effective separation of currents in the gas phase or vapor. The method takes advantage of the capacitive characteristics of the membranes and acts on the permeate flow managing variables that determine the potential of the separation. The innovative plant operates in continuous mode and allows to maintain the characteristics of modularity, simplicity and compactness of the equipment. The absence of moving parts and the currents alternation on the same path impacts positively on reliability, potentiality, operating and maintenance costs of the plant.

Possible Applications

  • Purification of contaminated currents through separation of the gas components;
  • Capture/recover specific substances contained in effluents or process streams.


  • Much higher selectivity at constant overall permeance;
  • Improved separation factors without reduction in productivity;
  • No retrofit needed for the plant;
  • Possibility to set process performance to different values;
  • Moderate need for investment.