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G3F – Gap & Flush Measurement System

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Optical triangulation device integrated in a common smartphone to measure the misalignments between the surfaces of products in the Automotive, Aerospace and White Goods sectors, such as during the assembly of car doors or headlights, or the assembly of the door of an oven.

Technical features

The device automatically recognizes the measurement area through a Deep Learning approach and can enable or disable the measurement laser, depending on the distance of the device from the surface, and, consequently, change the camera exposure time. These functions are needed to guarantee the safety of the operator and to better calibrate the measurement and to reduce the uncertainty. The characteristics of the device allow measurements to be made even on surfaces and materials that have different optical responses (for example: metal, plastic, chromed components, etc.), keeping the measurement accuracy level constant.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive sector;
  • White Goods Sector;
  • Furniture / furnishing sector;
  • Aerospace Sector.


  • Allows measurement on different types of surfaces (rear bonnet, rear lights, chrome components, windows);
  • Security and portability:
    • the solution integrates various safety measures for the operator, turning the laser on and off according to the distance of the measuring instrument with the part to be measured and enabling the measurement only after recognizing the operator;
    • Recognition of individual measurement points, highlighting compliance / not compliance for each measured point
    • Recognition of the part to be measured;
    • Possibility to operate in contact or at a distance.
  • Automatic storage of collected data;