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The present invention relates to the process for covering fibers containing polar sites with hybridized sp2 carbon allotropes and the so obtained coated fibers. Carbon fibers (nanotubes) are generally used in the field of composite materials to give new properties to the matrix, such as an exceptional mechanical reinforcement and electrical properties (electrical conductivity).

Technical features

In most cases fibers, except for carbon and polyolefin fibers, have polar groups which make it difficult to interact with apolar matrices. With this invention, however, the fibers are functionalized with a compound derived from pyrrole and functionalized to improve compatibility with the polymer matrix. The fibers thus functionalized allow the formation of an adduct with hybridized sp2 carbon allotropes which coat the fiber forming a thin and continuous layer. This process makes it possible to use reduced quantities of carbon allotrope, thus reducing costs and environmental impact, leading to the obtainment of materials characterized by chemical-physical properties compatible, and even better, to those of carbon allotropes.

Possible Applications

  • Mechanical reinforcement of composite materials;
  • Composite materials with electrical properties.


  • Fibers with a lower amount of carbon allotrope;
  • Cost effective;
  • Lower ambient impact and toxicity.