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Carbon Nanotubes CNTFunctionalizationFunctionalized nanostructuresPolymers


This patent describes an efficient and sustainable  method to functionalize carbon nanostructures, specifically carbon nanotubes (CNT),  that also reduces the amount of waste of solvents and reactants. It is a faster process compared to the alternative batch synthesis. New functionalized nanostructures will improve the performance of polymeric materials.

Technical features

Thanks to this invention, carbon nanotube functionalization will take place faster, but with the same characteristics, compared to a batch production process. The Patented process noticeably reduces the time necessary for  the reaction. It is intrinsically scalable and safe, and it offers the possibility of experimenting with different reaction conditions in a short period of time. This method can prepare CNT single, double or multi-walled nanotube samples.

This patented process will be able to improve the characteristics of polymers such as elastomers or thermally conductive silicon used in Led lighting. Functionalized nanocomposites are the basis of materials like conjugated polymers for new generation photovoltaic panels, supercapacitors, biosensors or bio-compatible polymers for regenerative medicine.

Possible Applications

  • Functionalization of different nanostructures;
  • Improvement of polymer properties by incorporating functionalized nanostructures;
  • Creation of bio-compatible polymers for regenerative medicine.


  • Faster reaction time;
  • Less waste of reactants and solvents.