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FUMECATCH: Inertial separator of condensed vapors

Condensed contaminant aerosolFlue-gas cleaningOrganic vapors separationPyrolysis oilRubber vulcanization


The invention is a device for separating condensable gaseous contaminants present in flue gas from industrial processes. It is a modular system, easy to maintain, with low maintenance costs, which can be integrated into existing plants. It allows a continuous closed-loop operation without emissions into the atmosphere, with collection and valorization of the condensed substances.

Technical features

The invention is a device for capturing condensable gaseous contaminants using an inertial separator. Thanks to localized condensation induced by abrupt cooling of the flue gas, the formation of liquid contaminant particles is induced and promoted. The mixture containing the aerosol is passed through a high-efficiency inertial separator to collect the condensed contaminants. The purified air from the inertial separator can be recirculated and, in part, cooled again to continue the cycle.

The method is particularly suitable for separating contaminants with a low boiling temperature, i.e. in a liquid state under ambient conditions (e.g. toluene).

The device can also operate in relatively small systems, requires a cold source at low temperature, and is more easily transportable than alternative technologies.

Possible Applications

  • Flue gas treatment plants for post-vulcanization furnaces;
  • Production of pyroligneous oil from flue gas generated by biomass pyrolysis;
  • Treatment of bitumen fumes;
  • Fumes from smokehouses;
  • Treatment of fumes from food frying;
  • Capture of fumes emitted by plasticizing substances.


  • Low maintenance, no downtime, and automatable;
  • Captured substances easily accessible, both for further use and disposal;
  • Can be integrated into existing systems and is transportable;
  • High separation efficiency;
  • Closed-loop operation possible.