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3D printable multipurpose modular drone

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The drones on the market born to perform a specific and unique activity. The invention is a multipurpose and modular drone that allows to achieve 12 different configurations with various performances adapted to the specific mission to be carried out. The system is composed by a universal main structure and a different number of interchangeable telescopic all-in-one arms.

Technical features

The drones on the market born with a single configuration which is designed according to the specific mission to be carried out. The proposed drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle where the configuration can be adapted by the user to the activity that must be carried out. The number of the arms and engines can be varied to optimize the flight characteristics. Inflatable elements can also be added to ensure water landing and protection during forced landings. The interchangeable payload is always protected. The 12 different configurations consider 3, 4, 6 and 8 arms with one rotor per arm, two rotors per arm or rotor + inflatable element per arm. The aviation and engine groups are fully integrated in the universal main structure and in the all-in-one arms. No specific knowledges are required to the final user to be able to change the configuration. Just only 8 different elements compose the modular kit. All the components are 3D printable using ecological materials (e.g. PLA) or ABS.

Possible Applications

  • Professional and amateur photography;
  • High-quality videos;
  • Air quality control;
  • Agricultural activities planning and inspection;
  • Rescue operations;
  • Search for electric/railway line failure;
  • Playful activity and hobby modelling.


  • Multipurpose vehicle;
  • Flexible performances;
  • 8 components, to assemble in different number and mode, to obtain any configuration;
  • Ecological materials and 3D printing;
  • Protected and interchangeable payload;
  • Water landing.