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Food product -Hard boiled egg substitute

Cholesterol freeGluten-freeVegan food product


The object of invention relates to a process to obtain a food product with high proteic content able to mimic the nutritional, physical and sensory characteristics of a hard boiled hen egg, using exclusively vegetable ingredients.

Technical features

The subject of the patent is a food product that is able to replace a “traditional” boiled egg. It reproduces the shape, color, texture and taste of a traditional egg but it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. The invention resides precisely in the process, which enable to obtain of a food product that simulates the nutritional, physical and sensorial characteristics of a real boiled egg, using only vegetable ingrediets.

The product meets the needs of an increasing number of people searching for food free from ingredients of animal origin. It aims at ethically and environmentally concerned consumers, and people who can not eat “traditional” eggs due to health problems (i.e. allergies, ipercholesterolemy, etc.).

Consumers will be offered a ready-to-eat product that can be nicely matched with sauces or salads, thus stimulating culinary creativity.

Possible Applications

  • Vegan food products;
  • Dietetic food products.


  • Ready-to-eat;
  • Rich in proteins;
  • Cholesterol free;
  • Gluten free;
  • Siutable for people that can not eat eggs.