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Foamille: aqueous anti-infective foaming composition

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The hygienic conditions of shared bathrooms, both public and private, can play an important role in the transmission of infections. The set of rebound droplets that form following urination and the use of the discharge, welcomes innumerable viruses and bacteria and can transmit infections both by direct contact with the surfaces on which it is deposited, and by persisting in suspension, being able to be inhaled. The aqueous foaming composition Foam contains the formation of urine droplets and guarantees full lubrication, healthiness of public services and privacy, with a very high percentage of the risk of infections.

Technical features

The present invention relates to an aqueous foaming composition, effective in the prevention and / or inhibition of the formation of aerosols from the rebound of a liquid on a surface, in particular of the aerosol that is formed following the rebound of the jets of urine on the surfaces of a toilet. (water). The bioaerosols that are formed in the toilet as a result of the rebound of the jets of urine have been shown to be able to travel and also reach the lower respiratory tract. This foam has the ability to ‘trap’ urine droplets reducing the risk of infections. TRL 7.

Possible Applications

  • Public offices and in the corporate spaces;
  • Health facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, consulting rooms);
  • Schools and universities;
  • Public and private means of transport, equipped with toilets.


  • Biodegradable;
  • Easy disposal with the standard amount of waste water;
  • Absence of visible and unpleasant residues (appearance or smell);
  • Non-toxic to humans and non-aggressiveness on surfaces.