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Flux Polar Control of eMotors

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Unified torque control algorithm for three-phase AC electrical machines. The torque regulation is performed by directly controlling the stator flux vector in terms of amplitude and load angle. The load angle reference is obtained through a look-up-table (LUT) which takes into account the operating limits of the machine.

Technical features

The proposed solution allows regulating the torque of a three-phase AC electric motor ensuring high dynamic performance in the whole torque-speed range and considering the voltage and current constraints introduced by the converter feeding the machine. The proposed solution has no limitations on the machine type to be controlled (synchronous or induction), thus having the advantage of being a unified torque control for three-phase AC motors. The performance of controllers that perform flux polar control is limited only by the sampling frequency of the digital controller. The design of these regulators therefore is not sensitive to the magnetic saturation, making the proposed control algorithm particularly suitable for controlling magnetically saturated machines such as electric traction motors or those used in high performance and high efficiency industrial applications.

Possible Applications

  • Transportation electrification;
  • Electric vehicles;
  • Electric traction;
  • Industrial drives;
  • Motor control.


  • Unified control of electric motor;
  • Plug-and-play solution;
  • Suitable for code-generation;
  • High-performance torque control;
  • Control tuning independent from working point.