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Fluid dispensing kit

3D cell culturesComputer-Aided Drug DesignHigh-throughput screening


The fluid dispensing kit is a modular device that can be used for drug screening on organoids. The device allows the simultaneous administration of 10 μL of a drug into multiple culture wells in single or multiple bolus mode.  The device is designed to be compatible with standard 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates.

Technical features

The insert is initially in the medium channel in order to pre-fill the circuit with an initial pumping system. The insert then moves using a linear actuator and positions itself at the drug channel so that the cavity (ies) are filled with the desired amount of the drug. Once filled, the insert returns to its original position and a second pump is used to deliver the desired volume of drug to the respective culture well. The drug channels are interconnected so that each cavity is filled by a single pump. The kit is currently in the experimental proof of concept phase (TRL 3).

Possible Applications

  • High throughput drug screening on organoids in order to study complex drugs;
  • The platform will be compatible with standard laboratory tools and will enable high throughput without the need to purchase expensive automated robotic systems.


  • Modularity and compatibility with standard instruments for use in biological laboratories;
  • Simultaneous automatic administration of multiple drug boli;
  • Possibility to modulate time and dosages of drug administration.