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Floating unit,system and method for harvesting kinetic wave energy

COPESTECHmarine energyPoint absorberrenewable energyWave Energy Converter


The present invention relates to the field of systems for converting wave energy into electricity. More specifically, the invention relates to a system comprising a submerged body with positive buoyancy that captures the energy of the incoming wave and, through an anchoring system that acts as a reaction mechanism between the device and seabed, it converts wave energy into electricity.

Technical features

The basic idea of the present invention is to provide a floating and/or submerged buoy, hull or device which captures the energy of the incoming wave by reacting directly with a constraint using tensioned cables. The floating body has controlled power take-off systems (PTO) inside. The Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is moored with a main cable in the center of the body and at least two / three cables near the perimeter of the cylindrical body. By using multiple cables, most of the absorbed energy can be converted into electrical energy. The float of the present invention can either be used individually with converging cables, or be connected to other modules to form arrays of devices. In this case the lateral cables are substantially horizontal to connect the devices of the array to each other.

Possible Applications

  • Wave energy converter;
  • Offhsore floating wind turbines;
  • Multipurpose offshore structures;
  • Artificial floating islands;
  • Floating breakwaters;
  • Isolated communities.


  • Enhancement of energy production;
  • System Resonance tuning;
  • Simple and well established technology;
  • Standard components and manufacturing process.