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Flexible microelectrodes and novel production process

ElectroanalysisFlexible microelectrodePollutant analysissensorsUpgradeable production


The invention comprises flexible microelectrodes with an insulating layer made of polymeric material, and a novel approach for their production. The said microelectrodes are more robust than conventional ones, of adjustable shape and size, and can therefore adapt to several applications. The proposed production method is fast, low-cost, and easily upgradable to an automated process.

Technical features

Microelectrodes allow the quick, sensitive, and accurate measurement of an analyte. The conventional microelectrodes are typically made of metal and glass and therefore are firm and fragile, with limited life-time and applicability in particular situations. Their challenging production process, their high prices, and little adaptability to customized use, further restrict sales in the civilian or healthcare market. The current invention describes low-cost polymeric material-based microelectrodes, characterized by flexibility and strength, that can be produced in several shapes or sizes with a reproducible and easily upgradeable process. Such microelectrodes can include an optic fiber for local lighting and can bear an external metallic layer (working as a reference pseudo-electrode). They can even accommodate multiple metal disks which could be used to build micro-cavity electrodes. In addition to the detection of single or multiple electrochemical parameters, other applications include: Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy tips, micromachining, microreactors, detection of environmental pollutants, and usage in the food industry.

Possible Applications

  • Environmental pollutant analysis;
  • Food industry;
  • Microreactors;
  • Micromachining;
  • Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy.


  • Flexible and robust microelectrode;
  • Scalability and low-cost production;
  • Available in different shapes or sizes for specific applications.