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Bone RegenerationICOS-Fcmedicina di precisioneOsteoclastsOsteoporosisprecision medicine


The invention consists in the discovery of the activity of ICOS-Fc as an active principle able to act in the treatment of bone pathologies, such as osteoporosis, which is a disease of social relevance. ICOS-Fc is the first biological treatment with a immunological approach able to regulate all cellular mechanisms underlying bone erosion and regeneration. The new scenario of the precision and tailored medicine is achievable thank to the reversibility of the activity.

Technical features

Osteoporosis is the main and more widespread bone disease in the world; there are several drugs in trade, which often do not cure osteoporosis but they contain it. These drugs don’t act directly on osteoclasts and have several side effects. ICOS-Fc is the first biological treatment with immunological approach, completely free of important side effects. Its action, unique in the state of the art, focuses on the mechanisms of the fine regulation of the bone erosion processes, with immediate effect compared to its application. The treatment does not compromise the life cycle of the bone cells, showing reversibility, which in clinical practice translates into the possibility of carrying out cycles modulated therapy, adapting the therapeutic effect to the needs of the individual patient in order to avoid overdoses.

Possible Applications

  • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia;
  • Bone osteolytic metastases;
  • Bone erosion diseases;
  • Patological bone resorption (multiple myeloma);
  • Bone devices for osteoporotic fractures;
  • Precision medicine.


  • Modularity of action on osteoclasts;
  • reversibility: not induced cell mortality;
  • high efficacy also in severe models of osteoporosis;
  • biocompatible, not toxic;
  • good tolerability, no side effects;
  • tailored therapeutic treatments.