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FILIGRANA – solar-embedded wall cladding

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The invention proposes in a unique system both building envelope thermal insulation and renewable solar energy conversion, by integrating photovoltaics and/or solar thermal stripes on a wall cladding shaped profile, without the color of solar captors prevailing over the perceived façade color.

Technical features

The invention consists of a thermal insulating wall panel with a particular shaped profile of the external side, so as to offer an alternation of upward-facing bands, for photovoltaics and/or solar thermal thin strips integration, and downward-facing bands with any possibility of coloring and finishing. Upward and downward-facing bands alternate with a very limited pitch, thus generating a very fine rifling on the façade, which, however, favors the view, especially from the bottom, of the downward-facing bands only. Solar captors instead, usually in a dark blue or black color, are almost hidden from view and maintain an optimal orientation for solar conversion. The visual prevalence of the only downward-facing bands, with the desired coloring and finishing, helps to generate (or regenerate in the case of existing buildings) the building image.

Possible Applications

New or existing building vertical envelopes:
  • Warehouses;
  • Sports, malls, fair and exhibition centers;
  • Schools, hospitals, public buildings in general;
  • Multi-story residential building.
Prefabrication industry (metal, wood, concrete etc.)


  • Thermal insulation, cladding, and solar energy conversion architecturally integrated into a unique system dimensionally tailorable;
  • Solar captor color mitigation;
  • Use of renewable solar energy also for individual homes in multi-story buildings (White Certificates, CO2reduction).