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The invention in an association consisting of inulin, water and at least a fat with a low content of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol (EVO). It can be used in the substitution of animal or hydrogenated fats, since it can be obtained in different degrees of viscosity and therefore applicable to different food formulations. Inulin is a known compound of vegetable origin, which falls into the category of dietary fibers and in particular among the fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), having functional properties for humans.

Technical features

The present invention reports the use of a new ingredient to produce innovative and functional foods in which the fat level is completely replaced and reduced. This strategy makes it possible to obtain different types of foods with chemical, physical and sensorial characteristics similar to those resulting from traditional formulations, but with a lower total caloric content. In addition to the reduction of the total lipid fraction, the fat substitute includes the total substitution of the same (pork fat or butter with a high content of saturated fatty acids) with an emulsion consisting of extra virgin olive oil and inulin, such as to reduce by 38% total cholesterol content in salami. The presence of both inulin and extra virgin olive oil in the new ingredient makes its application extendable to innovative foods of both animal and vegetable origin, in addition to conferring functional properties (prebiotic function, blood sugar reduction, improved liver function, prevention cardiovascular disease and many other disorders related to the reduction of the content of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol).

Possible Applications

  • Food industry;
  • Low-fat foods;
  • Food formulations with different viscosity levels;
  • Replacement of animal or vegetable fats (hydrogenated fats or saturated fats) generally used in different food formulations.


The food formulations obtained by adding/using the combination or composition according to the invention:

  • Provide a combination which can replace, partially or totally, the amount of fats and cholesterol in and the potentially dangerous fats for the health in food formulations;
  • Allow the development and production of new foods lightened in the component considered at risk for health (saturated fats and high cholesterol fat) using traditional food technologies and without the use of additives.