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Fast evaluation of the thrombo-embolic risk

Lab-on-a-chipLab-on-a-chipReal time analysesThrombo-embolic risk


The solution consists of a micro-fluidic device that performs precise volumetric analyses in real time of the process of clot formation in a blood sample under laminar flow conditions. It is an integrated device, of limited size, achievable with disposable materials, which can also be used in health centres (Point of Care).

Technical features

Diagnostic test for the evaluation of the thrombo-embolic risk are targeted at the prevention and reduction of the ischemia and bleeding risk, derived from external factor like anticoagulants drugs. A device for the fast and low cost evaluation for the thrombo-embolic risk in health centres, to make effective the monitoring of anticoagulant treatment, the prevention and the early diagnosis of the risk. It is applicable to numerous categories of subjects at risk: patients being treated with anticancer drugs, carriers of cardiac prostheses and coronary stents, dialysis patients or post-operative therapy.

Possible Applications

  • Hospital diagnostics;
  • Point of care diagnostics.


  • Real time analysis and in flow condition;
  • Economic and easier to transport;
  • Suitable to be used in hospital and clinical structures;
  • It isn’t necessary to use the microscope.