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Eyes vision rehabilitation for telemedicine

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This device realizes a stimulation of the resilient area of the vision system, by involving light waves. The result is the simulation of the ocular nerve and retina. The device is used for home therapy in agreement with the reduction of the health system cost. The home-use increases the patient’s quality of life and home health assistance.

Technical features

The system is an application for pc and smartphone. It generates geometrical shapes with changing colors, designed in relation to the visual field of the patients.

The light stimulation changes frequency, intensity and colors.  They act on the resilient fibers of the optical nerve. The patient looks at a static position and the light figures move around the damaged area, in order to stimulate it.

The chromatic and intensity variations optically stimulate the resilient structure so that there is a consequent stimulation of cerebral plasticity that manages to re-educate the structure still useful for vision to use the few visual components still useful for vision.

Possible Applications

  • Ophthalmic rehabilitation;
  • Vision rehabilitation.


  • Vision rehabilitation based on the remote control of the physician;
  • Rehabilitation telemedicine;
  • Specific frequencies use for the retina and neuro-ophthalmic rehabilitation.