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The invention implements an original algorithm which, starting from the information contained in a BIM model, integrates IoT technology for the control of indoor automation. Using the 3D model, it allows the navigation of virtual environments to patients suffering from motor neuron degradation (e.g. ALS) and it allows interaction with common objects such as electrical systems, doors and windows.

Technical features

Thanks to the BIM/IoT assonance, the invention focuses on a new ocular communication system, which can increase the level of autonomy of patients suffering from motor neuron degeneration with the surrounding environment. The IoT system collects the inputs sent by users through hardware equipped with a sensor for eye tracking, it allows to control the environment thanks to the activation of actuators and monitors environmental parameters through data shared by the sensors. The BIM model, a graphic and alphanumeric database, is manipulated to contain information relating to the IoT objects present in the environment. The system involves several users who share information to innovate the healthcare and construction sector. The open source system restores greater autonomy to patients with telemedicine and by implementing real actions through the digital twin.

Possible Applications

  • Health monitoring system;
  • Gamification approach;
  • Training, Environment Monitoring;
  • Domotica, Smart City;
  • Entertainment;
  • Visual communication.


  • Increased patient autonomy;
  • Human Computer Interface;
  • Flexibility in integrating heterogeneous devices with different purposes: smart home and medical;
  • Home hospitalization;
  • Integration with PA.