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Extraction machine for silidizing horizontal silos

AgricultureBiogasExtractor machineHorizontal biomass bagSilobagWet biomass


The invention allows the mechanized extraction of the wet biomass from the silobags with the withdrawal of the product from inside the bag, conveyance on the ground or on the vehicle, bag recovery and automatic advancement of the extractor. This represents a novelty in the zootechnical and agroenergy sector where the structure of the stored product does not allow the use of commercial machines currently available.

Technical features

The innovation allows to extract the wet biomass from the horizontal silobag, without ground losses and pollution of the product both during the removal of the bag and during conveying to the ground or on truck/trailer. For the collection of the containment bag there are perimeter cutting devices in the points of greater tension for a perfect recovery on specific perimeter rollers. The advancement takes place through the recovery system of the cloth, adapting proportionally to the volume/quantity of product extracted and to its conveyance to the transport system. The machine has good versatility thanks to the different types of tools and variable front width through mobile bulkheads allowing to work with different types of biomass and on the different horizontal bag diameters available.

Possible Applications

  • Wet biomass users;
  • Silage biomass storage sector;
  • Zootechnical food sector;
  • Agroenergy sector, biogas plant operators;
  • Agricultural machinery sector (machines and equipment manufacturers).


  • Precise extraction of the necessary quantities for zootechnical and agroenergetic use;
  • Avoiding losses due to product fall, oxidation and pollution;
  • Good work capacity;
  • Precise filling of transport vehicles regardless of the height and volume of the tank.