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Extraction and determination of microplastics in samples with organic and inorganic matrices

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“Method for the extraction and determination of microplastics in samples with organic and inorganic matrices” of the Environmental and Food Hygiene Laboratory of the University of Catania, allows the real quantification of microplastics of dimensions smaller than 10 microns up to the nano for almost all types of plastic and in all types of samples (environmental and biological) without the aid of filtration methods.

Technical features

The actual international methods, for example,  μFTIR and μRAMAN technique, have limits in the identification and extraction of microplastics  lower than  10 micrometers.  Our patent allows the measurement of microplastics from 0,1 to 10 micron without filters and counts through electronic microscopy  with detector EDX scan. This method can analyse all types of  samples: industrial,  environmental, vegetable  animal, human. Furthermore,  it is possible to calculate the quantity of plastic ingested, breathed or absorbed. The determination and the extraction of microplastics is done without  filters, overcoming the pre existing methods limitations.

Possible Applications

The method is usable on organic and inorganic samples, therefore:

  • Medical sector;
  • Environmental analysis;
  • Industrial sector.


  • It allows the individuation of nano-particles;
  • It does not use filtration methods;
  • Simple and economic method and kit;
  • Revolutionary method of extraction in all relevant sectors.