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Extract from the reuse of citrus fruit by-products and related process

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The patent concerns the production of a standardized extract containing anthocyanins and other polyphenols from red oranges in combination with eriocitrin and other flavanones from lemon. The formulation of the combined extract of red orange and lemon polyphenols is original and meets the need to reuse the by-products of the two supply chains, with a view to circular economy, as well as making available a functional ingredient that, in a combined way, can bring the beneficial effects of the different classes of phytochemicals naturally present in the two matrices.

Technical features

CREA has paid particular attention to a rational use of citrus industry by-products aimed at obtaining a standardized extract, with high added value, effectively employable in supply chains of great economic relevance such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The use of citrus fruit pulp as a source of bioactive substances for the nutraceutical industry entails a competitive advantage for citrus processing companies, today committed to reducing the environmental impact of processing wastes, and a significant income through the production of substances with high added value. The critical point in achieving this goal has concerned the validation of an extraction method that was compatible with the use of this extract in food and pharmaceutical formulations. To this end, different technologies and solvents (allowed for food use) were tested, with the aim of optimizing the yield and purity of the finished product. The analytical characterization of the obtained extracts was preliminary to the realization of a standardized extract. Once the optimal operating conditions were identified, the extraction process and the composition of the extract were standardized.

Possible Applications

  • Applications in the food (new functional foods), nutraceutical and phytotherapic fields.


  • Obtaining an extract with high added value that can be used in supply chains of economic relevance, such as the food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors;
  • Reduction of the environmental impact of processing through the reuse of processing wastes;
  • Income recovery for companies through the production of substances with high added value from wastes and by-products.