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Extracellular vesicles from natural source

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Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are complex biomembrane delimited structures secreted by cells with known roles in intercellular communication. The invention relates to EVs derived from organisms that are capable of photosynthesis, the conditions under they produce EVs, a method to isolate EVs from this bioresource and their use in diagnostics, therapeutics, nutraceuticals and/or cosmetics.

Technical features

A first aspect of the invention is a novel product, i.e. extracellular vesicles (EVs), obtainable from a photosynthetic renewable bioresource, like microalgae. The EVs of the invention called “algosome” are made available through the combination of novel and traditional technologies based on a separation that exploit the intrinsic physical properties of the EVs. A third aspect of the invention is the use of the natural resource-derived EVs as biogenic nanocarriers. As algosomes are actively and efficiently up-taken by recipient cells they can be used for the molecular delivery of diagnostic, therapeutic, nutraceuticals and/or cosmetic agents.

Possible Applications

  • EV research and general Life Science research;
  • Customer care (cosmetics/nutraceuticals) natural and engineered EVs;
  • Pharmaceutical drug delivery nanosystems.


  • The natural source of EVs would be produced at low cost and at high yield;
  • The natural source has high growth rates and is renewable;
  • Can be cultured under controlled environmental conditions;
  • Their natural, sustainable and green origin will probably induce greater societal acceptance (less risky in terms of ethics).