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Extra-oral TractionMaxillo-Mandibular ComplexOrthognathic Area


The extra-oral traction apparatus for use in orthognathic settings allows you to correct and mitigate a dysfunctional growth pattern of the cranio-facial complex and, in particular, of the maxillofacial components in a fully automated way and allowing remote monitoring. On the contrary, traditional extra-oral traction devices apply forces that must be periodically calibrated by the clinician to allow a restoration of the programmed force values. It follows that the proposed apparatus provides for a therapy of shorter duration, which, therefore, is better tolerated by young patients.

Technical features

The present invention apparatus allows fully automated operation without need for manual adjustment of the applied force which remains constant over time regardless of any subject postures and / or dental displacements. Furthermore, the above-mentioned device allows to remotely monitor and set the applied force and / or to control its actual use.

The Orthognathic Extra-Oral Traction Apparatus includes:

  • An intra-oral unit (21) adapted to be anchored on subject’s dentition;
  • Linear actuation tools (31,32) arranged in correspondence with said extra-oral unit (22) and configured in order to exert a traction force on the same intra-oral unit;
  • Instruments (41,42) for detecting the force applied on said intra-oral unit.

Possible Applications

  • The apparatus applied force can be adjusted remotely;
  • The remote monitoring of forces allows a better efficiency, reproducibility and effectiveness of orthognathic therapy;
  • The orthognathic therapy duration is reduced resulting in a greater tolerance among young people.


  • Maxillo-Mandibular Complex;
  • Orthognathic Therapy;
  • Extra-Oral Traction.