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Exercise machine to support the mobility of a person with reduced mobility

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The invention consists of an exercise machine with a sliding belt equipped with a structure that can be used by a person with reduced walking capabilities to recover or maintain his own mobility.

Technical features

The invention refers to an exercise machine configured to favor the mobility of a subject whose walking capabilities are reduced due to a chronic pathology or age. More specifically, the innovation relates to the structure of an electric exercise machine, equipped with a sliding belt, a seat, a handlebar and other support and connection means, designed to be used by a subject with reduced walking capabilities in order to recover or maintain their mobility. The seat allows the subject to rest or perform exercises in which a work phase is alternated with a recovery phase; the supports allow the subject to get up easily. A present device enables the subject to stop the movement of the sliding belt by bringing the handlebar close to itself, voluntarily or involuntarily in the case of loss of balance.

Possible Applications

  • Exercise machine for physical activity at home
  • Exercise machine and line of products related to it in the field of fitness and rehabilitation for training in gyms of adapted physical activity, care homes for the elderly etc
  • Control software that facilitates the execution of structured home exercise programs derived from previous scientific studies


  • Small sized, light and handy structure
  • Structure with anti-falls mechanism and support and assistance systems for walking and resting
  • Ease of use by elderly or frail subjects
  • Low cost due to the simplicity of use and the low power required in relation to the reduced speed of use