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Environmentally friendly blocks and relative method

Bio-based materialCircular economyCompostable materialESTECHESTECHPackagingSustainable building material


The invention concerns new eco-sustainable materials that enhance the circular economy by recovering waste from the cereal supply chain.

Technical features

The material and the relative production method, both patented, exploit a matrix made up of straw, as waste from the cereal chain, and from bioplastics, that is biodegradable plastic, for the realization of a new eco-sustainable material. The final result consists of a material suitable for use in construction, both with a structural function and with an insulating (thermo-acoustic) function and various types of packaging (tertiary packaging). Unlike other materials with equivalent characteristics, the invention is characterized by a high environmental sustainability, for the recovery of waste from the cereal production chain and for its compostability at the end of its life.

Possible Applications

  • Use in construction with structural function;
  • Building insulation;
  • Use in packaging and industrial packaging;
  • Frames and elements for trade fair installations (furniture, stands, mannequins, etc.) so-called “use and compost”.


  • Lightness;
  • Structural resistance;
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Compostability in accordance with UNI EN 13432;
  • Recovery of cereal wastes;
  • Implementation of short supply chains for km0 packaging.