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Environmental enrichment for Pigs

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The invention concerns a new environmental enricher for pig farms. The invention is characterized by an innovative structure, designed to allow animals to interact with it by pulling and biting, whilst fully exerting their strength. The invention allows animals to satisfy their natural curiosity and to vent their energies, increasing their mental and physical well-being.

Technical features

The psycho-physical health of animals on farms is an increasingly recurring topic. The European Union has recently issued new rules that require the adoption of environmental enrichers on farms to safeguard animal welfare. This invention consists of a simple but effective structure, designed to allow pigs to play and satisfy their natural liveliness. The invention is remarkably solid and resistant, allowing the animals to fully exert their strength. It is easily applicable in every farm and has significant animal health advantages compared to the current state of art enrichers. In fact, the invention allows animals to always interact in different ways with each enricher end, allowing the pig to exert a pulling force similar to that used in nature, when pulling  a root or a tuber. The effectiveness of the invention for animal welfare has been tested in a farm.

Possible Applications

  • Pig farms.


  • Greater freedom of play for the animal;
  • Reduction of the animal’s psycho-physical stress;
  • Resistance to efforts;
  • Adaptability to any farm.