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Enthalpy exchangers with polymeric membrane

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The present invention relates to enthalpy heat exchangers for the replacement of air in buildings equipped with membranes made of ionomeric polymers, cross-linked or not crosslinked. The membranes are cross-linkable by using a simple and safe method, and they may allow the incorporation of antimicrobial agents, to expand the field of application and achieve exchangers showing antimicrobial function.

Technical features

The present invention relates to an enthalpy heat exchanger consisting of a polymeric membrane based on sulphonated aromatic polymers (SAP) in our case, sulfonated (ether ether ketone) (SPEEK) such as or crosslinked (XL), which permits the transfer of energy (heat) and/or material (water vapor) between two air streams having different temperature and humidity. Thanks to the high slope of the curve in the next diagram it is possible to note that SPEEK is very sensitive to relative humidity changes. Through the use of the psychrometric diagram, the variation in temperature between the two air streams is due to sensitive heat exchange through the membrane, the great slope of the P1-P2 tract results in a marked variation of the water vapor content in both air flows. The size, shape of the system can be optimized as well as membranes for any environment.

Possible Applications

  • Private housing;
  • Shopping centers;
  • Offices;
  • Industries
  • Farms;
  • Museums.


  • Low cost material, eco-friendly and Taylor Made;
  • Great efficiency in the exchange of heat and humidity unchanged over time;
  • Great dimensional and chemical stability;
  • Nanocomposites with organic and inorganic compounds;
  • Possibility of incorporate antimicrobial agents.