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Energy demand management method

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This invention relates to a multi-agent energy demand management tool and architecture to reduce the electricity consumption peaks, i.e. the peaks in the consumption profile of the electrical power absorbed by the users of the network, which can occur at the interior of a plurality of electrical equipment. Useful in local systems for global benefit.

Technical features

The invention concerns a method and architecture for reducing the electrical consumption peaks of a plurality of electrical equipment with thermostat regulation; it allows to associate an external smart-plug to each electrical appliance, to connect the associated smart sockets via a “peer to peer” network, to estimate future electricity consumption in a time window; to send the estimate to the network, to predict an average future consumption for the plurality of electrical equipment and to plan the periods of switching on and off of the equipment to minimize the estimate of average consumption associated with all electrical equipment. The equipment concerned are domestic systems (such as: boilers, air conditioners, water heaters and electric radiators, coolers and freezers) which cover approximately 45% of the entire urban and / or residential electricity consumption.

Possible Applications

  • Centralized control architecture capable of providing flexibility in energy demand;
  • Semi-autonomous remote control techniques;
  • Systems and methods for optimizing electricity consumption in the context of Energy Demand;
  • Home systems DSM.


  • Reduction of energy consumption;
  • Reduction of waste;
  • Reduction of energy costs;
  • Reduction of emissions associated with energy production.