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Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish a benign from a malignant endometrial neoplasm and therefore new diagnostic tools are needed to help the physician in defining which patients are at high or low risk of endometrial cancer (EC). The invention relates to an algorithm (the REM-7 Score) for endometrial cancer risk stratification and its prognosis.

Technical features

Endometrial cancer risk stratification tool characterized by an innovative algorithm aimed at performing a predictive analysis. The algorithm adds three variables (body mass index or BMI, duration of endogenous estrogen exposure and concomitant diabetes) to an already elaborated and validated algorithm which, in turn, combined clinical, preoperative and ultrasound characteristics (age, glycoprotein dosage HE4, symptoms, ultrasound endometrial thickness). The combination of the two algorithms allows to analyze and obtain a percentage of the risk of malignant endometrial neoplasia (REM). TRL = 5

Possible Applications

  • Diagnostic/Clinical
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Cost optimization for the NHS
  • Reduction of diagnostic times
  • Possibility of use even in the absence of a gynecological oncologist surgeon
  • High simplicity and reproducibility