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Endoluminal lancet device

bistouryCarotid stenosisEndoscopic polypectomyEndovascular surgeryminimally invasive surgery


The invention consists of an encapsulated selective compliance mechanical system suitable for navigating, by means of a catheter, inside a lumen (intestinal, gastric or vascular). Once the area of ​​interest is reached, the mechanism allows the removal of tissues or plaques. The detached parts are stored. The capsule can be equipped with a filter (thrombosis barrier).



Technical features

The invention consists of an encapsulated compliant mechanical system, able to navigate inside a lumen. Two applications are foreseen: endo-artery and gastric endoscopy. In both cases, the area of ​​interest is reached via a catheter that moves within the lumen. Once this area is reached, the mechanism begins the active phase, i.e. the removal of tissue or plaques. The removed parts are separated from the lumen and stored in the capsule structure.
The bistoury is designed in such a way that the trajectory of the tip is parallel to the lumen wall. Therefore, by moving the mechanical control cable, the bistoury cannot pierce the vessel wall. From the technological point of view, the mechanical structure and the encapsulation structure can be constructed using different technologies, including those based on nanotechnological processes.

Possible Applications

  • Endovascular mode, carotid stenosis surgery: the device acts as a miniaturized electrosurgical unit by integrating small electric currents or drug flows in physiological solution;
  • Endoscopic mode, polypectomy: the device can be scaled up to be applied in more complex operations.


  • Removal of the plaque avoiding its compression and its permanence in the vessel;;
  • No artificial dilation of the vessel;
  • Reduced risk of emboli;
  • Complete removal of sessile and pedunculated polyps;
  • Reduction of the risks of lumen perforation and of failure to recover the removed material.