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Encrypting device for video signals

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The patented system was developed to secure communication between a computer and its screen against unwanted modification of the visual content: two portable (external?) devices are able to intercept the binary signal exchanged between the two entities and encrypt it using an algorithm of choice.

Technical features

The invention lies in the field of digital video encryption through a system for processing the video signal transmitted from a computer to its screen.  The system consists of two devices that carry out a complementary task, as the signal encrypted by one can only be decrypted by the other and vice versa. Their use ensures that the communication between them is protected and that the screen receives the signal intact and unmodified. Solutions on the market, on the other hand, use a single device and therefore cannot guarantee security against a man-in-the-middle attack or require the integration of additional hardware which implies compatibility issues with previous computers and modification of existing production processes.
TRL: 3/4

Possible Applications

  • Encryption of digital video signals;
  • Video transmitters-receivers.


  • Maximum security of communication between computer and screen;
  • Applicable to any type of computer or operating system;
  • Gives the user the possibility to make any change to the transmitted image, with no need to modify or to redesign the computer or screen;
  • To make the modification it is possible to choose from a set of default algorithms or create your own custom modification.