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Electronic Nose Device

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Electronic Nose Device is a wearable device for workers in Coating Plants. Its purpose is in monitoring air quality, in specific, level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in Plant and give a real-time feedback to users. Feedback is based on informing the user about the quality of the air on three levels and by this alert him when it is necessary to wear the Protective Mask.

Technical features

The Electronic Nose Device for Coating Plant Environment is based on existing sensor technology able to detect and measure consistence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the air, in this case in Coating Plant Environment. The novelty of this device is in its application and purpose that is to alert workers about the danger that they are exposed to. VOC Sensor within the device is detecting the null, minimum and the maximum level of Volatile Organic Compounds calibrated respect to the detected Coating Plants’ environment levels. The value detected by the sensor is transformed in a signal that activates LED and vibration motor (realtime feedback). The LED and vibration motor outputs are adopting to three possible levels of VOC detected by the sensor.

Possible Applications

  • Coating Plant Environment.


  • Light;
  • Easy to wear;
  • Continuous monitoring;
  • Feedback in real time;