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ELF for in vitro cell decrease

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A possible control of the anomalous metabolic cancer process and its reversal can be obtained by changing the ion and energy transfer through the cell membrane, with a related control of the pH and the membrane voltage. It can be done by the use of a Extremely low frequencies (ELF) generated by four coils where the cells are set on plates which are placed on the axial plane of the solenoid.

Technical features

The device generates a variable ELF to irradiate the cells in order to control their growth. It can be realized by the application of a variable ELF generated by four coils, rolled around a solenoid, and at the thermodynamic resonant frequency, evaluated by a thermodynamic model. The cells are set on plates which are placed on the axial plane of the solenoid. The modulation of cancer growth can be obtained simply by the control of the ion fluxes. Indeed, the voltage-responsive transduction mechanisms on the cell membrane allow bioelectric signals to regulate cell polarity. The consequence of the ELF application is to change the conformation of the cell membrane protein, to rearrange the charged species, charges, spin and dipoles disposition and movements with consequences in the redistribution of energy, ions and mass flows in their metabolic network for the regulation of cell functions.

Possible Applications

  • Oncology;
  • Cancer therapy;
  • Clinics and home therapy.


  • Non invasive therapy;
  • Cancer growth decrease;
  • High quality of life.