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Electrically controllable acoustic impedance matching system

Acoustic impedanceelectroactive polymersImagingMatching layerUltrasound


The invention refers to the field of non-invasive investigations by means of ultrasounds, both for medical purposes and for structural examinations of materials or objects

Technical features

The patented system surpasses known systems, which have acoustic impedance matching layers with predetermined characteristics and which therefore are optimal only over a limited frequency range around a predetermined value.The present invention provides a system that, by means of an electrical control signal, allows for a dynamic and active adaptation of the impedance within a variable frequency range. The system includes at least one layer of electroactive polymer which allows the transducer’s acoustic impedance to be dynamically adapted to an external medium.

Possible Applications

  • Non-invasive clinical diagnosis using ultrasound images;
  • Non-destructive investigations of materials and objects;
  • Ultrasound medical treatments and therapy.


  • Ability to respond effectively and in real time to changes in transmission conditions of the acoustic wave, due for example to the need to investigate structures at different depths;
  • Reduction/correction of reading errors affecting the acoustic signal received in real time.