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Electrical connection system between fabrics

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The invention consists of a new type of connectors for the electromechanical connection between two smart fabrics, with magnetic characteristics, an integral spring punch and micro-needles. The solution aims to increase the duration and efficiency of the technologies currently used in smart textile applications.

2021-040 | Fig2

Technical features

A pair of buttons that can be applied to textiles, guaranteeing appropriate electrical conductivity between the two parts and considerably reducing the parasitic effects which plagues other solutions on the market. In particular, the male spring pin consists of two components, namely a cylindrical neodymium magnet and a connector with an internal spring. The latter has been designed with a wide head and a stroke of about 1 mm in order to maximise the contact surface with the female connector. The female button consists of a head and an eyelet that are attached to the fabric by a permanent deformation process. The eyelet is equipped with a series of micro-needles that anchor the fabric effectively and ensure excellent electrical contact. Finally, the material of which the button is made is ferromagnetic.


TRL: 4

Possible Applications

  • Smart clothing;
  • IoT devices with textile components;
  • Sensors integrated in fabrics in the automotive sector.


  • Male connector with large contact surface area;
  • Female connector composed of micro-needle patterns that reduce parasitic effects;
  • Possibility of using standard machines for connector assembly;
  • Magnetic connection with increased number of usage cycles.