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Edible composition for food storage

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The patent uses new strategies in the field of food packaging and, in particular, that of bakery products. It involves the use of an edible composition instead of some artificial or natural preservatives such as ethyl alcohol, which could harm consumer health, especially in products devoted to children. This composition does not affect the quality and shelf life of this type of food and does not require expensive packaging materials with a high environmental impact.

Technical features

The composition is based on natural product and it is distributed on the surface of the food to form an edible coating. The coating makes possible the production of  bakery or pastry products without the use of chemical preservatives, preserving the hygienic-sanitary characteristics and the sensory properties during the storage time. In fact, it is able to slow down the migration of water from the inside of the product to the external environment and the possible absorption of water in the superficial parts by condensation, avoiding those reactions of modification of the biopolymers, which cause the retrogradation of the starch with consequent hardening of the product. Moreover, the presence of the edible film prevents any fungal development, which may compromise the safety characteristics as well as the organoleptic characteristics, without to use the chemical compounds, such as preservatives and stabilizers, with antifungal action, such as ethanol, sulfur dioxide, sorbates, etc.

Possible Applications

  • Bakery products industry;
  • Confectionery industry;
  • Pastry products industry.


  • No use of preservatives and stabilizers in the production of sweet bakery products;
  • Increase of the shelf-life;
  • Preservation of structural characteristics (fragrance) and microbiological stability over time, without the use of fats or chemical preservatives;
  • Lightening of packaging materials and reduction of environmental impact.