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Ecocompatible pesticide nano-formulation

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The invention concerns the synthesis of a nanopesticide formulation starting from eco-compatible, non-toxic and easily available materials on market. The object of the invention is to reduce the environmental and human health impacts deriving from the use of pesticides in agriculture. With the use of nano-formulation is possible to reduce the pesticide’s amount used and the total costs.

Technical features

The invention concerns the synthesis of a nanopesticide formulation through the absorption of the pesticide active ingredient on a nanometric/micrometric mineral substrate. This process is particularly effective for pesticides characterized by high solubility in water and volatility in air. The eco-compatible support material used, in addition to being available on the market at low cost, allows a controlled mobility of the active ingredient in all environmental matrices, both at the moment of field application and in subsequent times. The stability of the formulation can be improved with the use of biodegradable co-formulants. These characteristics allows a controlled application of the pesticide, reducing the risks on humans health and sensitive crops/organisms. The lower mobility of the formulation also permit to better exploit the radical effect of many pesticides.

Possible Applications

  • Reagent’s dosage in polluted sites reclamation;
  • Managing yelds in agriculture;
  • Medical/pharmaceutical sector.


  • Reduction of environmental impacts related to pesticide use;
  • Reduction of toxic/carcinogenic risks on humans;
  • Control and reduction of applied doses;
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials;
  • Possibility to exploit the pesticide radical effect;
  • Easily scalable synthesis process.