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Echo-scintigraphic probe for medical applications and relevant diagnostic method

CollimatorDual mode imagingGamma detectorIntegrated probeUltrasound detector


The invention relates to an echo-scintigraphic probe for medical applications and the related procedure for image fusion. It is based on an ultrasound probe integrated with a scintigraphic device or gamma camera. This prototype provides fused images revealing both anatomical and functional details.

Technical features

The dual mode probe is based on an integrated ultrasonic detector with a small field of view gamma camera. The great innovation of the integrated probe lies in its portable configuration and perfect image co-registration. The gamma detector is equipped with a slit collimator which, thanks to its high efficiency, allows to obtain images in a few seconds (the acquisition time is close to that of an ultrasound examination). The perfect alignment between the two devices is established by the alignment between the piezoelectric strip of the ultrasound probe and the interspaces of the collimator, ensuring perfect overlap between the anatomical image (of the ultrasound probe) and the functional image (of the scintigraphic detector). The innovation of the probe consists in the ability to provide integrated images with an extremely handy and compact device and certainly at low cost compared to known techniques.

Possible Applications

  • Nuclear imaging in oncology;
  • Image any organ movement.


  • Obtained integrated images (anatomical and functional information);
  • Execution of a single scan;
  • Handy device;
  • Compact device;
  • Fast device;
  • Cost reduction.