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ECG WATCH: Wearable Wireless Electrocardiogram

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ECG Watch is a «smart watch» which can be used to detect an ECG signal with a single contact (finger-wrist), visualize it on a Smartphone and send it to a cardiologist through an APP. No sticky contacts, no wires. It is also possible to send the ECG scan, along with the GPS position, to an emergency center. ECG WATCH also detects an atrial fibrillation, gives an acustical warning and contacts the cardiologist.

Technical features

ECG-WATCH is proposed as a new generation of low cost wearable devices, interfaced with smartphones and tablets that allow you to operate with just 1-lead electrocardiogram. It’s also possible to detect all 3 leads normally detected by traditional instruments repositioning the instrument in three significant points. The detection of tachycardia, bradycardia and arrhythmia can reveal a possible atrial fibrillation in time for a check up by the cardiologist. The typical symptoms that can make you think of a heart attack or a type of heart problem can easily and immediately be also controlled by a cardiologist who automatically receives from the smartphone the patient ECG, his position (GPS) and a report of a possible problem. ECG WATCH is normally recharged with the same charger smartphone. ECG WATCH is under CE certification with clinical trials followed by the ASL of Turin.

Possible Applications

  • Atrial fibrillation early diagnosis;
  • Personal ECG without having to go to the hospital/clinic;
  • Analysis services relocation;
  • Remote control of risk patients;
  • Added services by private clinics, insurance companies…;
  • Biometric identification.



  • Real time ECG;
  • Outsourcing of analytical services;
  • Early detection of atrial fibrillation;
  • Cost savings;
  • Greater attention to the patient:
    • ECG Watch allows the public and private medical assistance to follow him continuously.</li