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Earthquake-resistant modular wooden facility

assemble/reassemble structureeasy constructionfast assemblyModular systemtemporary buildings


The invention refers to a new type of structural modular wall, made of wood and composite wooden panels, to be deployed in non-residential buildings with a temporary plan which perhaps need to be disassembled and reassembled. Moreover, they can be easily extended or removed.

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Technical features

The invention claims the realisation of wooden facilities comprising prefabricated modules, with external connections housed in pre-holes on the wooden structure. The structure and the foundations are connected to drystone by plates and screws. It guarantees that the foundation modules are recoverable, movable and reusable, rather demolished or disposed of as in other conventional technologies.

The walls are made using basic “void” modules in which insulation materials might be inserted in order to modify important properties of the building, such as, for example, mass, thermal and acoustic insulation. It is a site- and customer-specific solution not requiring disassembling of the structure or its elements. Finally, innovation allows to enhance the seismic resistance of the building, by adding passing bars in pre-existing holes, without any need to carry out building work on site.

Possible Applications

In the construction field, to build

  • Temporary buildings;
  • Emergency facilities;
  • Easy to move/ disassemble buildings;
  • Low environmental impact buildings.


  • Easy, quick and low cost assembly, disassembly and reassembly;
  • Flexibility in terms of construction’s surface and height;
  • No additional costs of industrialisation and prefabrication;
  • Reduction of C&D waste and total restoration of the site.