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Dynamic ventilated wall stabilized with phase change materials

Building envelopeCooling systemExternal infillHeat dissipation


The present invention describes a wall structure for making building envelopes, a ventilated wall and a process for controlling the heat exchange in correspondence with the wall, between the internal and external environments. The invention is part of the technologies aimed at limiting energy consumption inherent in building envelopes.

Technical features

The invention consists of (interior to exterior): infill portion (perforated, concrete panels, etc.) around 12 cm, insulation around 7 cm (in polystyrene); first phase change material around 10 cm (melting / solidification temperature around 27 ° C); second phase change material around 10 cm (melting / solidification temperature around 17 ° C); plaster for exteriors (lime and cement mortar around 2 cm) by means of an external coating in photo / thermo-iridescent material; reticular structure for plaster fixing; heat exchanger comprising a series of tubular elements, embedded within the first layer of phase change material, in which the air is forced with a ventilation system. The phase change material can be for both layers a hydrated salt, which passes from a solid state to a liquid state (and vice versa) at its characteristic melting / solidification temperature.

Possible Applications

  • Private building;
  • Public building;
  • New buildings;
  • Major renovations.


  • Maximum yield in every period of the year (summer / winter);
  • Particularly useful and effective even in countries with a particularly cold and / or hot climate;
  • Optimal energy behavior both in winter and in summer.