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Dynamic absorber and self-powered sensor

Magnetic spring/damperParametric dynamic absorberSelf-powered sensorVibrational energy harvester


The invention refers to a parametric and tuneable magnetic dynamic absorber, e.g. for NVH applications; moreover, it can power low-power sensors. It is made of a floating magnet vibrating between one/two pre-load magnets residing inside hollowed conductors. The system can be tuned in terms of stroke, stiffness, damping and natural frequency.

Technical features

The tuneable dynamic absorber is magnetic and translational. It is made of a cylindrical vibrating floating magnet linked to the external case through the magnetic interaction with two pre-load magnets. The floating magnet vibrates inside a telescopic plastic thin guide. A screw mate lets to adjust the magnetic interaction and tune the system on the specific application.
The dynamic absorber damping element is given by eddy currents effect generated by a time-dependent magnetic flux concatenated to paramagnetic or diamagnetic electric conductors elements. The damper is linked to the outer case through a screw mate to adjust the axial position of the damping rings independently from the pre/load magnets.

Possible Applications

  • Automotive;
  • Mechanical industry;
  • Aerospace;
  • Monitoring;
  • Civil.


  • Independent stiffness and damping tenability;
  • Powering of low-power sensors;
  • A combination of dynamic absorber and energy harvester;
  • Working condition monitoring;
  • Wire-less transmission.