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Drug miniaturized bioanalysis

Dried matrix spotsInnovative analytical methodLiquid cromatographyMass spectrometryOpioids/opiates


The invention consists in an innovative methodology for the sampling and analysis of opiate/opioid compounds in miniaturized dried matrices obtained from biological fluids, as dried matrix spots (DMS). The samples are obtained from plasma, serum, saliva, sweat and urine where to carry out quali-quantitative analysis by liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).

Technical features

The invention proposes a novel method to sample, analyse, transport and store a dried biological fluid, obtained from plasma, serum, saliva, sweat and urine.
The procedure aims at collecting a drop of biological matrix by using a special paper card and drying it by means of microwaves, in order to get a dried matrix spot (DMS). Opiate/opioid compounds are then identified, extracted and quantified in DMS by instrumental analysis performed by using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled to mass spectrometry (MS, MS/MS) and/or spectrofluorimetric detection (F).

Possible Applications

  • Analysis of the main opiate/opioid compounds in the main biosamples;
  • Customization and optimization of drug therapies for patients suffering from severe pain;
  • Monitoring of subjects in heroin addiction treatment;
  • Evaluation of cases of opiate-opioid use/misuse/abuse in the context of roadside or workplace testing.


  • Sample volume miniaturization;
  • Easy sampling;
  • Handy storage and transportation;
  • Drug and matrix stability;
  • Fast and low-cost analysis.