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Drone with perfected structure

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The UAVs are a reality in rapid diffusion to perform remote operations, for reasons of operational efficiency and / or safety of the pilot and operators. The patent concerns airframe improvements aimed at significantly increasing the performance and safety of these aircraft, allowing the introduction of a new recognizable and more performing generation of multicopters for monitoring, reconnaissance and transport.

Technical features

Autonomy, load capacity and flight safety are key and critical features of a UAV. The patent relates to an innovative fully perimeter flight-based airframe that allows weight to be reduced in multi-rotor configurations in favor of load capacity or flight range. Furthermore, the rigid connection between the motors, essential for a correct flight dynamics, not taking place through the central structure reduces the vibrations transmitted to the acquisition or flight instrumentation. Flight safety is increased through the use of an automatic engine positioning system on the airframe that allows a reconfiguration of the propulsion even in flight: in case of failure of a propulsion element, it is possible to rebalance the flight attitude to complete an emergency landing without damaging the load or falling out of control causing danger to things and people.

Possible Applications

  • Drone production;
  • Remote recognition and surveillance;
  • Transport with drones;
  • Digital mapping;
  • Search and rescue.


  • Reduced mass without worsening flight performance;
  • Greater autonomy or payload;
  • Greater safety thanks to the variable positioning of the rotors;
  • Strongly marked alternative design.