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Navigation system able to develop in predictive way a minimum stress and/or maximum comfort route for the driver based on the user’s preference. The system processes remote data such as road conditions, weather, the opening hours of the service points, preferably on data collected at the local level by monitoring the user’s biometric parameters and driving conditions and status of the vehicle, in addition it can also consider the user’s previous experience and/or other travelers/users experience of this navigation system. In particular, it can be programmed to measure the stress level of a driver of vehicle and to adapt the algorithms for predictive calculations of the best path to the user’s subjective perception of stress, associated to the considered local data.

Technical features

The navigation system comprises a remote database (3) comprising at least one map on which communication routes and data relating to at least one point of interest are defined, preferably also to structural parameters of the communication routes, meteorological conditions and road conditions, a local database (2) in which weight coefficients associated with the data included in said remote database (3) are stored, a GPS sensor (43) for acquiring data relating to the position of the vehicle, means for interfacing with the user (6) and a central unit (5).
A preferred embodiment of the navigation system comprises biometric sensors (41) for the acquisition of the user’s biometric data and sensors (42) for the acquisition of parameters or data relating to the vehicle. The central unit (5) comprises connection means (7) to said remote database (3), and is programmed to predictively calculate a path associated with a minimum total stress index on the basis of predetermined algorithms, said algorithms comprising a combination of data and weighted coefficients. The means of connection (7) to said remote database (3) can be made for example through a computer network, such as the Internet. Through these means of connection (7), the central unit (5) can both acquire and send information.

Possible Applications

  • Navigation system manufacturers;
  • Automitive sensors manufacturers;
  • Car manufacturers.


  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of future conditions of stress and comfort, to propose the best route everytime;
  • Creation of a global map of stress and comfort from the Cloud Data.