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Down-hole Seismic Source

Cross-holeSeismic sourceUp-hole


The proposed seismic source generates seismic energy inside bore-holes, using a gas-water system, which entails the use of simple hunting cartridges and of the water inside the bore-hole.

Technical features

The seismic source is cylindrical and consists of two parts: 1) the cylindrical body that contains the various components that determine the blasting of the cartridge, connected by means of an interface cable to the control panel located on the surface and 2 ) the head, also cylindrical but with a truncated conical end, which houses the cartridge and the guns that can be three or four.
Once the tool has been lowered into the hole at the desired depth, the cartridge is blasted through the control panel. The gases generated are instantly and forcefully pushed towards the walls of the hole, thus giving rise to a compressive wave that propagates in the ground in all directions. The arrivals of the elastic waves are recorded by a special acquisition device synchronized with the seismic source.

Possible Applications

  • Cross-hole and up-hole seismic tomography for engineering purposes.


  • Excellent level of energy;
  • Simplicity of use;
  • Safety;
  • Low cost.